encounters with murderers

We throw around the word luck so flippantly. There are many moments in life fueled by luck and often we're so thrilled to experience it, we're just rejoicing. And that is perfectly fine. But life teaches us, we cannot afford to take luck or life for granted. Luck is an understatement when it comes to being unscathed by evil. True evil, walks among us and we interact with the worst of society on the daily and we never even fully comprehend how close to being snuffed out we are. We're all "almost" walking Dateline NBC episodes.

Redditor u/lolita-cake wanted to hear the chilling misconnections tales with life's most vile by asking who was willing to share the following.... People who had a close encounter with a murderer/serial killer, how did it go? How did you find out that person was dangerous?


Some of the following may not be suitable for younger readers. Trigger warnings below.

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