In an effort to make a good impression, many people will “dress for success”. Donning clothing they otherwise wouldn’t normally wear, in an effort to make themselves look glamorous or sophisticated. Even it the clothing in question isn’t particularly comfortable. Redditor wtfthesehighheels4 did just this while attending a party thrown by her fiancé’s family, as […] More
People From Around The World Break Down Their Nation's Greatest Shame
Anna Church on Unsplash

The citizens of most countries are quick to boast about their country and tout their patriotism.

Few, however, are willing to acknowledge some of the things they are embarrassed about regarding their homeland.

Many would never volunteer that information unless asked directly.

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People Share Things Others Do To Look Smart That Don't Work For Them

It's pretty typical to want to impress people, especially if it's the first time meeting them, but some folks go out of their way to make it seem like they're superior. Sometimes their attempts fall flat, and sometimes they do exactly the opposite of what was intended.

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People Explain Which Things Embarrass Them About Their Own Country
995645 / Pixabay

Every country is different and not everyone who lives in those countries necessarily thinks the same. It might be the norm to love football, but some people find the super aggressive fans embarrassing or aggravating.

*Content Warning: this article contains discussion of violence*

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