dumbest things we believed as kids

People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Actually Believed
Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Listen, I am in absolutely no position to mock anyone for believing something silly well past when they should have. I believed the moon followed me around like a space-puppy til I was about 12.

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Kids are super smart and super attentive, that is proven fact. But kids can be also just as dull as driftwood sometimes. The things we believe before we're adults, heck, the things we believe as adults is stunning. When dealing with the young mind one must be specific and detailed. When we're kids we take in everything literally; then we figure out how that affects us. It can be a daunting process.

Redditor u/AcceptableParfait171 was wondering what in the hell we were all thinking when we were at an age when we believed everything and anything. I mean, there are somethings that at any age, you do know better. The question was posed.....

What's something dumb you thought as a kid?

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