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Here we are, eighteen months into the pandemic. Life is moving forward, Delta be damned. We were told that one day the world would function again. So what did we learn in our isolation? Did we decide about what comes next? Everybody must have compiled a few ideas about what is going to enrich our lives going beyond Covid.

What are some of the ideas and plans that have been pushed to the fore front? Is it finally time to skydive? Or maybe paint the house that color only you love? Let's discuss...

Redditor u/Gulfcoastpest wanted to hear all about everyone's exciting plans post COVID, by asking:

(Post COVID) what is on your bucket list?
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12-year-olds are a unique breed of human beings. They sit right in that middle area where childhood innocence, youthful fears, and reckless adolescent confidence all overlap into a completely irrational soup of decision-making.

But that period of life, like all of them, does pass. We keep growing, sweeping through adolescence, surging on through the twenties, and edging into middle age.

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Celebrities and artists of note are just people, too. That is the first rule to remember when coming face to face with a star. They are no better than the rest of us mere mortals. That realization should ease the anticipation or disappointment should they prove to be less than kind. However I've had encounters and heard stories were the celebrity couldn't have been nicer. Meryl Streep is a gem. Idina Menzel is a sweetheart and Lady Gaga is super tiny. So my divas were on point.

Redditor u/Qazival wanted to hear about the times they've encountered the famous by asking.... Which celebrity did you meet and found they were much kinder/ruder than you expected?
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We're all going to die. Life is finite. That is just a not so rosy fact about our time hear on Earth. Once we come to terms with that knowledge it frees us to makes grand plans to flourish in every second. Well, it should inspire us to make plans; instead of wasting a single moment. A bucket list is an important item to piece together. We should all sit down jot down some can't miss ideas. Know them, and then do them. You're only gonna get one go at this.

Redditor u/goodfeels4life wanted everyone to open their journals and read us some dreams they want to accomplish before time runs out by asking.... What is one thing you want to do before you die?
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Creating a family of one's own (whether it be with a partner or by yourself) is a sacred and beautiful life decision. Unfortunately the road to success on this path can be bumpy. Sometimes mother nature doesn't play fair and hopeful parents have to find "special" ways to bring their new loved one home. Two of the ways to make a family is through the medical procedure of IVF and adoption. Both are tried and true methods, but for many, doing IVF and creating a "biological" bond often outweighs adoption, which can be a controversial decision.

Redditor u/ellie1398 wanted to hear from people who are trying to fulfill their dreams of creating a family from flesh and blood by asking.... [Serious] Why would people rather spend a fortune on in vitro fertilization than adopt a child?
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