double standard

For all the strides made toward gender equality so far, we've got plenty of work to do. Pay is still uneven, male privilege is as alive as ever, and socially constructed expectations force us to act in certain ways to cater to it all.

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Nobody said life was going to be fair; whoever heard that statement needs their hearing checked. It's a given that life is going to be wildly unfair a strong amount of the time. People are judged in ways that others are not. Things are expected, nèe, demanded from certain people while others get a free pass for what feels like any and all situations. Where is the equality everyone is chanting about? Who has it? Because there is certainly not enough going around for any one side.

Redditor u/Awkward_Dog wanted people to express their life frustrations by asking... What double standard makes you really angry?

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You ever read a story that made you look at your screen kind of through the outer corner of your eye? Like you're so taken aback by the dumpster fire you're reading that you almost don't want to look at it directly? But you can't look away either?

This is about to be that story.

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