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People Break Down The Obvious Discrimination That Society Just Accepts
Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash

People who grumble about the small things in life are often frowned upon by those who just can't seem to catch a break.

How can we blame them?

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Retailer Sends Apology Letter After Staff Refused To Let Transgender Shopper Try On Clothes In Menswear Changing Rooms
Myla Corvidae /SWNS.COM

A transgender shopper has been sent a personal letter of apology from British retailer Marks & Spencer after staff refused to let them try on clothes in the menswear changing rooms.

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Woman Says Sexist Barber Shop Owner Blocked Her From Getting A Haircut Because Men Would Be 'Put Off' Seeing Her Inside

A barber shop owner blocked a woman from having a haircut - claiming men are 'put off' if they see a female inside.

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Kentucky Private School Expels Student For 'Lifestyle Violation' After She's Pictured With A Rainbow Shirt And Cake
Kimberly Alford via WAVE 3 News

A private Christian School in Louisville, Kentucky expelled a student for what they called a "lifestyle violation."

What was this supposed violation?

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A strict uniform policy that required a North Carolina middle school's girls to wear skirts to school every day was struck down by a federal judge.

They ruled that the antiquated policy was a constitutional violation of the equal protection clause.

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