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People Describe The Absolute Worst Year Of Their Lives

Reddit user beesechugersports asked: 'What was the worst year of your life?'

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Ideally life is a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Constant highs set up an unrealistic expectation of the world that can come crashing down hard over the smallest setbacks.

Constant lows are just plain cruel.

A mix helps develop coping skills and problem solving while not crushing the spirit.

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People Describe The Absolute Worst Weddings They've Ever Been To
Redd F/Unsplash

We all love a good wedding, where the bride and groom are beaming after officially declaring their love in front of close friends and family gathered together in celebration.

Sure, wedding planning can be a headache, but the final result leading to the day of the nuptials usually proves it was all worth it.

Until something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, not all weddings are made the same and the special day can wind up being a major matrimonial miss.

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Times Someone Tried To Warn Us About Disaster Striking, But No One Listened
Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

It's hard to predict the future. Even when people do it, it's hard to believe those predictions. We're always told the future is unknown and we shouldn't try to figure out what lies ahead.

For the most part, that's good advice. However, that's not always the case!

Many times in history, people predicted or warned us about disasters we may face in future, but no one listened. More often than not, those disasters struck and we were left wishing we had heeded the advice when we had it.

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People Share The Biggest Bachelor Party Or Wedding Day Disasters They've Ever Seen

Weddings, and the festivities leading up to them, are a major milestone in many people's lives. The sheer stress and effort that go into planning a wedding are usually enough to make people realize they should try hard not to screw things up.

Sometimes that isn't the case though, and when things go wrong they often go very, very wrong.

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People Divulge Their Favorite Thing To Say When Something Goes Horribly Wrong

They say there's no use crying over spilled milk, but that doesn't mean there's no use in saying something to diffuse the tension.

When something goes horribly wrong, a comment that comes out of left field or a quippy comment can make everyone feel better.

Once a particular comment proves effective, there's also no real reason to look for something else. Instead, the aforementioned comment becomes your go-to.

In order to find out what those effective comments are, Redditor CruelHandLucas asked:

"What is your favorite thing to say when something goes terribly wrong?"
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