Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some impact every facet of someone’s life, others are more specific. They are all difficult to deal with – for everyone involved. What happens, though, when one person’s attempt to help is another person’s insult? This was the problem facing a Redditor and Original Poster (OP) who came […] More

Anybody who is even slightly different than the average population knows that feeling of looking into the camera like you're on The Office feeling of frustration when you're talking to a normal person.

People who have a difference of ability must accumulate these frustrating experiences faster than any other. We take things like our hearing, our sight, our mobility, for granted so intensely that we probably can't help but piss them off.

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@kellypeebz/Instagram, @joan_pahisa/Twitter

Andrew Gurza is a 34-year-old with cerebral palsy who advocates for people with disabilities.

He's also proving that disabled people have just about as much sex appeal as able-bodied people and aims to remove the stigma surrounding sexuality.

In order to achieve this, he came up with the empowering hashtag, #DisabledPeopleAreHot, after scrolling through his Twitter feed and realizing the phrase hadn't existed. He was ready to change that.

Gurza gave rise to a powerful movement in which people with varied forms of physical limitations invoked the hashtag and proudly embraced their hotness by sharing photos of themselves.

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For decades inclusivity was a bit of a blind spot for toy maker Mattel and their iconic Barbie doll.

But in the last decade Barbie has evolved more than she did in the 50 years before.

And she's about to undertake another major change that is coming to a store near you.

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All new emojis must be approved by the Unicode Consortium, which often receives submissions from companies like Apple and Google on what the next emojis should be. In a victory for the disabled and LGBTQ+ communities, the Consortium has announced 2019's new emojis will include many symbols centered around inclusion.

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