When you’re a parent you play many roles and have many responsibilities. Everyone has a hand in the day to day. Especially mom and dad. Why is it some parents miss the memo? Case in point… Redditor yummyforehead wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I […] More

Letting your child grow up and live their own life is a difficult challenge.

It can be especially difficult to watch them finagle the game of love.

Let's be honest, this is your baby... no one is going to be good enough for them.

Fathers and daughters have a very special bond that way.

This is why dads liking their daughter's choice in a plus one is unique.

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People Share Their Best Father's Day Gift Ideas
Image by Innviertlerin from Pixabay

Happy Father's Day Dads! Hopefully 2021's celebration of all the pops out there will be more lively than the pandemic celebration.

So what can we all do or buy to make sure this year is the best of the best? Dad's are so much easier and simultaneously more difficult than mother's.

They say you don't have to put in a crazy amount of effort, because they claim to not need much but they do tend to notice mom's diamond earrings from the month before when they unwrap your gift for them... a bottle opener.

So a little effort is definitely appreciated.

Redditor u/botl_91 wanted to know our best options when shopping for dads by asking:

What's the best Father's Day gift idea?
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Dads Explain How They React When Someone Says, 'So, You're On Babysitting Duty'
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Old gender stereotypes pervade every facet of society. Under the umbrella of parenting alone, we could spend all day naming them.
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Doctors Share Their 'The Baby Wasn't The Father's' Experiences

"You are not the father" isn't just a notorious quote from scandalous day time television.

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