Cringey coworkers, we've all been there. The worst I ever encountered was a male associate at a higher end jewelry store. He was good, his sales spoke for themselves, he looked like a model, which perfectly showcased the touches of diamonds he wore. Really, he didn't need to suck up to be noticed as a good employee...but he did anyways and it came back to bite him.

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Some jobs are just not worth the stress. Yes we all need money to survive and thrive but there can be ways to achieve that goal that will not leave you mentally baron. How many of us have looked around the office or state of work we are in and thought.... "Now this is too much?"

Redditor u/gottalovecarina wanted everyone to do some venting about their jobs by asking.... What BS are you dealing with at work right now?

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It's never fun to watch someone dig their own grave. While it might inspire a sense of "gee, glad that's not me!" it still leaves a lasting impression on you.

People are usually doing the best they can with what they have. And sometimes that best is truly not enough to get them through the day in one piece. Sadly, if you work with them, you're beholden to this horror show, too.

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