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The Worst Ways People Have Been Screwed Over In Court According To Lawyers
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As Americans, we live in what's got to be one of the most litigious countries in the world.

The single most common phrase uttered by someone who's been wronged ranges from declarations like, "I'm taking you to court," to downright threats like "I'm suing your a**!"

Whether they're for petty grievances or major offenses, no one wants a drawn-out legal battle, but unfortunately, matters can't always be solved outside of the courtroom.

But sometimes, maybe it's for the best to have things settled out of court.

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Lawyers Dispel Common Legal Misconceptions Some Folks Seem To Have
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No matter the country, the law is a difficult beast.

Laws can change street by street.

So who knows if you're doing what's right?

But every civilian fancies themself an expert.

Guess what genius... we're wrong.

But on TV...

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judges gavel
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Lawyers often work long hours preparing for their cases. It's a very detailed and often painstaking process reviewing and then re-reviewing everything to make sure their cases are strong or even airtight. When they get a slam dunk case, it's a relief.

And there's nothing quite like the feeling they get when they realize they're going to win their case. A victory for them and for whomever they represent, surely.

But what is that thrill like?

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