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Death is always just one breath away. That's a harsh reality none of us like to discuss but it doesn't alter the truth of it. Hopefully when our time comes it's peaceful, and it would be nice if those left behind aren't forever traumatized. I have an obsessive fear of death, therefore I can't even look at dead bodies on SVU. I so admire doctors, nurses and all the people who wrangle with the dead everyday. They have stomachs and nerves of steel. But they are trained to have that temperament. Civilians on the street are often not equipped to just stumble upon the dead like a Michael Myers movie.

Redditor u/jm4b wanted to know who has made a few discoveries they could wish they hadn't by asking.... Anyone ever found a body? What's that like?
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For most of us, working with the dead isn't something we are going to have a whole lot of opportunity to do. That means most of us won't have a frame of reference for what is normal and what is "weird" when it comes to corpses, caskets, and the industry of death in general.

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