In one of the more memorable moments of the teen comedy classic Mean Girls, Queen Bee Regina George often rejects Gretchen Weiner's attempts at making "Fetch" part of the commonplace jargon at North Shore High School.

Even if we might not react the same way as the domineering Regina George, who hasn't found themselves rolling their eyes on numerous occasions when people use Buzzwords and contemporary phrases in the workplace.

Be it out of an attempt to appear cooler, or amidst fears of being politically incorrect, job listings, inter-office memos, and speeches at corporate events always feature commonly used buzzwords or buzzwords those speaking hope might find their way into everyday speech.

Much to the annoyance, if not outright disdain of those on the receiving end.

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People Confess Which Corporate Buzzwords Drive Them Absolutely Crazy
Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash

Corporate buzzwords.

Most of us are familiar with them.

Phrases like "paradigm shift," "outside the box," "on brand" and "deep dive" rattle around offices.

Words like synergy, pivot, scalability and leverage get bandied about office emails.

And most of us hate them even as we use them.

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