2020 has been a real handful y'all. And number one on the "2020 is the worst" list is COVID! We've had to shelter in place and avoid most human contact. I haven't hugged my mother in six months; it's frustrating. So why is it when we're all suppose to be hiding out and avoiding contact until this under control do we have so many fools running amok... especially loved ones who implore us to join. Some of us have had to get creative with invitation excuses. The "we're in a pandemic" reasoning is a bust.

Redditor u/TooAwkwardForMyAcc wanted us all to discuss the new ways we've learned to avoid our society in this time of Covid by asking.... What's the best way to tell your friend you don't want to meet because you're scared of Corona?
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Since the global pandemic, we've learned a lot about some of the people around us...

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So its July 2020 and it's a whole new world. I mean, its still planet Earth but its a whole new world. Covid-19 has changed literally every aspect of life. We can't touch, or kiss strangers or shop without an alcohol swab nearby. Besides hoping we can find a cure, one of the biggest questions about all of this is in regards to the fallout. What happens next? If we can get an affective vaccine, how to we move forward? What will be the outcome of all we learned and experienced? Get ready everyone. Life is forever changed.

Redditor u/fool126 wanted everyone to discuss what we all think a post Covid world looks like.... it's time to make some hard realizations... they asked.... What's never gonna be the same after this pandemic?
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Everyday seems to bring about more somber news and confusion. But just because the outside world seems to be coming to a pause that doesn't mean education has to stop. It fact it is imperative that learning be one of the fundamentals of this experience. Many, many students have been forced to switch to learning from home online. And be educated online can be an "interesting" experience.

Redditor u/lengelmp wanted to hear from all the students out there who are homeschooling it through this crisis by asking....

Students who's classes have been moved online: what is the funniest thing to happen in an online class so far?

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For a lot of people, the idea of working from home conjures up ideas of sitting on a couch in your jammies daydrinking and eating chips & salsa while watching re-runs of Charmed. And yes, it can be just that wondrous just not always or nothing would get done.

There's truly an art to being able to work effectively from home.

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