Police Officers Share The Funniest Excuses People Have Given To Avoid A Speeding Ticket
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For a short time in my life I held a career as a traffic school instructor. I wouldn't teach people to drive, they would come in after a traffic infraction to lessen the fine on their ticket or points on their license. And nine times out of ten... everybody was their for speeding, or a wrong left turn. The answers everyone had for speeding was always comedy gold. Though nobody can top me and my excuse for going 135 in a 50... but I digress; next to me, only the police must have better stories.

Redditor u/CaptainRonny wanted the po-po to tell us a few funny tales by asking.... Police Officers of Reddit, what was the silliest thing you've heard from someone trying to avoid a ticket for speeding?
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People.... DON'T BE AN AMY COOPER!!! Stop calling the police for stupid reasons. Now this is a comical piece and there are several sidesplitting situations you will read about, but, be more responsible.

With that being said, the results can often be staggering in hilarity with idiocy is ringing.

Redditor u/GenjiKat wanted to know what 911 dispatchers have to deal with on the regular that make them want to pull their hair out by asking.... 911/999 dispatch, what's the dumbest reason someone has called?

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The law and the police are a particularly touchy subject right now. The police are under nationwide scrutiny for abusing their power.

But there are ways to avoid encounters with the police in day-to-day life. And then there are ways to draw attention to yourself like a neon sign. Some folks have trouble turning that sign off.

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Cop Gets Locked In Bathroom At Police Station, And His Colleagues Have To Use A Battering Ram To Get Him Out
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This hilarious video shows the moment a cop needed armed colleagues with a battering ram to break him out – of a locked station toilet.

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Police Officers Share The Funniest Things People Have Done To Avoid Them

Being a cop is one of the most dangerous jobs one can hold. Everyday on duty is a gamble with your life but that doesn't mean some comedy can't come along with it. The things people will do when they are trying escape the audience of the boys and girls in blue can be shocking.

Redditor u/boiledcarrot wanted all the officers of the law out there to give us a chuckle by asking.... Cops of Reddit, what was the funniest thing you've seen someone do because they noticed you?

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