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Since its advent way back in the 1960s and its popularization in the 1990s, the internet has long departed its primitive roots and become the most influential technology to grace the human race since the printing press.

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In this day and age we all rely on our computers for a myriad of tasks.

Not only do we use it to respond to emails and order things online, we also use it for gaming and streaming media content.

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A glitch. Deja Vú. Call it what you what but life can be weird. Like movie weird. We sometimes find ourselves reliving a moment, and that first time may have been a dream but it still counts. We're all far more in tune to the ether than we want to acknowledge, because how scary is it to connect to the unknown, but the unknown has no issue reaching out. The Matrix may be real after all. Which pill will you take?

Redditor u/1v1brah wanted to hear from everyone who experienced those moments of mess in the matrix by asking.... Redditors who experienced a glitch in the matrix, what happened?
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It's a literal stress dream. You're giving an important work or school presentation when all of a sudden that porn you forgot to x out the night before starts playing, loudly.

Or else a picture that nobody else was intended to see. How did that get up there when you've worked really hard to keep it under wraps?

The world didn't need to know that about you.

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Some people seem to think that computers (and related devices) are some sort of esoteric devices which only the properly initiated can learn to use or fix. In reality, Google is tech support's best friend. An ability to follow written directions is often all that is necessary to fix most problems.

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