Man and two women laughing
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When men are hoping to impress a woman, they often agonize over the perfect thing to say.

Something which will get their attention and make them feel good about themselves, and hopefully not offend or demean them.

If they find the right words, they may likely find themselves with a new girlfriend, future wife, or even a life-long friend.

After all, finding the perfect compliment can go a long way.

Of course, this is a two-way street, and men also enjoy it when they are complimented.

Perhaps even more, and arguably, a little too much.

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The simple hamburger has come a long way.

Indeed, over time, people have begun to elevate it far beyond a simple ground beef patty with ketchup, maybe lettuce, tomato and onions.

From the special sauce at Shake Shack, to Daniel Boulud's $30 multi-tiered burger, the variations on the simple burger are far too many to mention.

And likely will only grow, as some people will believe that just about anything can work on a hamburger.

While some experiments haven't and likely won't pay off, other ingredients which one might immediately think have no place on a burger prove to be just the ticket.

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There are few feelings worse than when someone goes out of their way to insult you.

In fact, what might be the only thing that feels worse is when someone insults you accidentally or without realizing it.

This might happen when someone assumes you're on your way to a costume party based on your choice of clothes or laughing upon hearing your middle name on the assumption it must be a joke.

When in fact you went to great pains to choose said outfit and were most definitely not kidding about your middle name.

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