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A question that parents need to ask themselves is what they owe to other parents. Obviously, you should keep another parent’s child safe, as you would want them to keep yours safe, but where is the line drawn? Redditor Dismal-Awareness9456 asks that after another dad got upset with him. The original poster (OP) tried to […] More
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For those who must encounter it, the "coming out" conversation has got to be so anxiety-provoking.

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People change. People learn and grow. That is the hope, that we will evolve into better humans.

Now I do give some people leeway as age and experience fashions them into better forms of themselves, especially for people who spend many formative years as "bullies."

One of the most bullied groups is the LGBTQIA community. Sadly many inflict inhumane cruelty on them.

And because too many others are just confused about themselves. Hurt people, hurt people. That is a very accurate saying. And often the people lashing out at the LGBTQIA community are just too afraid to admit, they want a ticket to the party.

Redditor u/straight-up-bs wanted to hear some hard but fantastic truths from people who found their truth by asking: Previous homophobes who turned out to be gay, what's your story?
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Every person, no matter what age has that Oprah "Ah-ha" moment when it comes to the realization about sexual identity. Yes, nowadays, thankfully, it's a more accepting, inclusive world, at least more accepting than it used to be but progress has been made. But before one comes out to the world one must have a self reckoning. And those experiences can often be the most surprising. There is always a moment you can point to and say... "that was when I knew." And those moments can be chill or chuck full of drama.

Redditor u/UnsettlingAura wanted to see who would be willing to admit and discuss the moment they realized.... maybe it's time to explore some alternate ideas by asking.... What was your "oh crap I might not be straight" moment?
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How would you like to work in a closet? Stuffy air, not enough light… We've all learned what it means to have to "make do" in less than desirable spaces during the coronavirus shutdowns, but for many transgender people, this discomfort is nothing new.

Andrea Breanna is working to change that.

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