People Who've Been In A Long Term Coma Explain How They Readjusted To Life After Waking Up
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It's a miracle! After years of being in a unconscious state, people who were in long term comas finally came out of it.

Comas can be caused by a number of things, like traumatic head injury from an accident, a stroke, or a brain tumor. Comas can even come on through infection or alcohol poisoning.

It may seem that there isn't a lot happening when someone is in this state of involuntary "deep sleep" but there's actually a lot going on under the surface.

The real question though, after all that time, what happens when someone has finally woken up and has to go back into the world? What are they asked to face? How will they become apart of society after all that time?

We went to Ask Reddit to find out first hand accounts of people coming out of their coma.

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People Who've Woken Up From A Long Coma Explain How Much Things Changed
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There are three different types of comas we can have. One is called toxic-metabolic encephalopathy, which is caused by illness or infection across the body. There's the medically induced coma which is caused by medical professionals to temporary cause a deep state of unconsciousness. Then there's the persistent vegetative state where the patient is the unaware of their surroundings and unable to movement.

However, after u/Pilot_Mosley asked Reddit, we're not so sure that every coma patient is completely unaware of their surroundings. Many people reported hearing their family or the nurses talking to them. Some said the had vivid dreams, only to learn those events actually happened.

Redditor Pilot_Mosley wanted to know what actually is going on in the unconscious mind and how it changed them after:

"Patients who woke up from a long coma, what's your story? How different were things?"

Read on to find out how the coma effected these people, whether it was a day or years.

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Rip Van Winkle must have had quite a trip when he came out of his prolonged slumber and awakened 20-years-later to a completely different world.

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When we see comas represented in TV and movies, it's almost always pretty identical to sleeping, and a person just wakes up one day. In reality, though, a coma can consist of floating around through various levels of consciousness.

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Comas are one of those unique experiences many people will neither see nor live through. It's the living through part we're focusing on today, as people put into comas, either through accident or medically induced, opened up about what it was like in the deep sleep.

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