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A casual collector has a dedicated space to show off their prized possessions, but a hardcore collector doesn't know when to stop adding to their reserves.

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Everyone who has any free time has hobbies. Some of us crochet or knit, some play video or tabletop games, and some of us take day-long naps when we can. There are any number of things that we humans can do to take up our free time, but all hobbies are definitely not looked upon the same by society.

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I've been doing this thing lately where I've been thinking of myself as the main character in a movie or book that I'm creating. It helps me make more conscious choices about what I'm doing with my day - does this activity advance my character? Are there skills I want my character to have that I don't? Guess I should go learn them. It's been a fun motivational technique - but it also got me thinking... there are all these other characters in my life. What roles do they play? Does "Grocery store dude with one short pinkie who used to follow me around all through tenth grade" get a spot in the book? Apparently, one reddit user kind of got stuck on the same thought train because they asked:

You die. Credits start rolling past you. What are some of the strangest roles other people have played in your life?

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