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a graduation cap and a green tassel on a piece of wood
Photo by Dragos Blaga on Unsplash

Earning a college degree, especially a doctorate, takes a heck of a lot of work and definitely requires intelligence. Expertise in your usually narrow field of study definitely doesn't guarantee expertise in other areas — especially common sense, it seems.

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It's hard to know when you're addicted to something.

You might sense there's an addictive quality to the activity or outing, maybe in the back of your mind, like an itch saying, "Hey, you've done this before already."

What really helps reveal the addiction is someone else pointing it out. Once that happens, there's no putting back the pieces of what you think about yourself.

Surprisingly, we're okay with a fair amount of addictions, even when they might be actively harming us as a society.

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Third Grade Teacher Realizes Her Hilarious Blunder After Students All Think She Puts A Ton Of Booze In Her Coffee
Atsushi Yamada / Getty Images

Teaching requires a very special type of person, typically someone who can not only handle a rough day and demanding schedule, but also someone who has a sense of humor.

For this third-grade teacher, being able to see the humor in the moment was exactly what she needed.

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Starbucks Praised For Its Powerful And Moving Commercial About A Trans Man Changing His Name
Starbucks UK/Youtube

The Seattle-based global coffee shop chain Starbucks is raking in awards, turning heads on the internet and raising all sorts of money to support trans youth after making a splash with an effective and woke UK television ad.

On February 2, 2020, Starbucks premiered an ad Channel 4, one of the UK's four major television networks.

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Baristas Share The Grossest Drinks They've Ever Seen People Order

Baristas have an interesting job of having to create very intricate and delicate caffeinated drinks for the masses as they commute to and from work.

Unfortunately, that job comes with some really gross after-effects.

People are weird.

They have very specific and somewhat repulsive requests.

And then you have to make those things. You have to stomach it all.

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