People Break Down The Clear Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You
Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Clueless in love?

Grab a pen and get ready to get a clue because we're breaking it down today.

Firstly, don't feel bad.

Lots of us are completely and totally oblivious. You're among friends here.

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People Share The Things They Couldn't Believe They Had To Explain To Another Adult
Westend61/Getty Images

There are things you kind of assume people can't make it into adulthood without understanding.

But you'd be amazed how much those assumptions don't exactly match up with reality.

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The Stars Of 'Clueless' Just Had A 24-Year Reunion With A Hilarious Q&A Session
@aliciasilverstone/Instagram; @ETavolacci/Twitter

In 1995, the movie Clueless became a sleeper hit, developing a cult status that continues to this day. It's hard to channel that '90s lingo with that powerful vocal fry and think of any other film.

So when members of the cast reunited over the weekend at C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, fans got excited. The group drew a massive crowd to their panel and ignited fans' hopes for a possible sequel.

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I once overheard my dad call me fat. It sucked. He wasn't being mean, he was attempting to describe me to a stranger because he had lost me in a crowd. Since I stopped growing in 4th grade, it happens a lot and for whatever reason people almost never think to just turn in a circle and look down. I'm often right there, just lower than your normal line of sight - so I've heard people describe me about a zillion times. I'm a big girl, so I've heard about 150 million totally unoriginal people attempt to use my size to insult me like it was going to be some huge revelation and I didn't wake up in the morning with all this. I had just never heard it from my father before.

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I am an absolute out-and-proud Daddy's girl. My dad and I share the same ridiculous sense of humor. He was only 19 when I came along, so he has often been more of a friend than a true "dad." We have spent decades tormenting my poor mother with poorly sung renditions of Bon Jovi songs, and when things in life go sideways a hug from my Dad is everything I need to feel okay again. One of my favorite things about my dad is how absolutely stereotypically Dad-ish he has gotten now that he's older.

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