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People Confess The Biggest Mistake From Their Teenage Years
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People make mistakes their whole lives; it's just a fact.

But it's always true that those mistakes happen more often, and usually on a larger scale when you're a teenager.

That's because, once you become a teenager, you feel grown up and invincible, when the truth is, you're still learning, still growing, and still human.

Even the most successful and put-together people can look back on their teen years and cringe at the mistakes they made.

When I was a teenager, I made horrible choices, from stealing my mother's credit card to letting my wild child best friend shear off my hair. At least I learned my lesson!

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There are just some actions we never grow out of.

When it's time to grow up... grow up.

Let's discuss the signs and scenarios we should know about.

Redditor Grouchy-Trip9582 wanted the grown ups reading to listen up and act their age. They asked:

"What is a childish behaviour adults do that makes you cringe?"
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We hope that when we all reach a certain age in life, we find that we've grown as people, and outgrown the behaviors displayed on the playground.

Alas, that is not always the case. Childhood antics can follow us all through decades. It's just a matter of how much and how dramatic.

We're all guilty of a few personality traits that are more adolescent than they should be, but if you're still sucking your thumb at 30... it's at least time for some form of adult pacifier.

Redditor u/Sentient-Sock wanted everyone to confess to behaviors they haven't outgrown by asking:

What "Childish" things do you still do now even as an adult?
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