People Recall The Best Decision They've Ever Made While Drunk
Image by Christopher Ross from Pixabay

Now for the most part, when making major life choices, being sober should be an essential ingredient in the process. But every once and a Blue Moon (and I do mean the beer with a shot) the choices we make while under the influence, can be some of the greatest decisions we ever make during the course of our lives. So cheers and enjoy that new car or vacation or moose you adopted.

Redditor u/Feerka wanted to discuss the times we've all lived our best lives after several rounds of libation by asking.... What is the best decision you've made while drunk?
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Guy's Analysis Of How 'Cheers' Was Ahead Of Its Time When It Came To A Risky 1983 Episode Tackling Homophobia Is Spot On
Paramount Network Television

Cheers is one of the most beloved sitcoms today. Its characters feel like friends to many, as the show has been successfully syndicated worldwide since its finale in 1993.

Because of its fame, it might be difficult to imagine that it was on the verge of cancellation due to low ratings.

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Men, women, gender fluid... we all have secrets to tell. When in the search for the love we will ALL play any game, choose any pawn. Bros put on a good facade of "I'm not hiding anything," but that's a secret as well. If only we could unleash our secrets, and just be honest. Gentlemen... you first.

Redditor u/mustafarangoon52 wanted the men out there to fess on a few things.... What are some "guy secrets" girls don't know about?

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Music festivals are nothing new. They've been a staple of the rock n' roll experience for generations. We like to think of our parents and grandparents as being more mature and responsible than we were, but remember - nothing is new, children.

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