While parents always want to be there for their children, it’s not uncommon for parents to teach their children that some things must be earned. Even if they could otherwise afford to, there are some parents who will choose not to lend their children money or give handouts. This is almost never to be malicious […] More
We can all agree that every family’s financial situation is slightly different, from the number of people in the household to what they enjoy doing to how much money is actually coming in. Some people are not uncomfortable with how much money other families make, admitted the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor CuteBotton was […] More
People Explain Which Random Act Of Kindness Has Always Stayed With Them
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There are angels among us.

When I was a kid, my mom took me along to a drive-thru KFC. After we got our bucket of greasy goodness, my mom veered over to where she thought was the driveway onto the street.

It turned out to be a very high curb and we were stuck there not knowing what to do.

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Mike Pence isn't seen as an incredibly tolerant figure in the world of politics...unless you visit the version of him that often strolls through Times Square, collecting money for various charities like Planned Parenthood.

If you've encountered the Times Square Pence, you likely won't forget it.

Not only is he more open and loving than his White House counterpart, he also happens to wear short shorts.

This is Mike Hot-Pence.

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This Couple Cleverly Tricked A Stranger In Need Into Getting A Free Car
JeffTrav (Reddit)

It seems as our government and society grows more and more divided, people are taking the time to share positive stories of humanity trying to balance things out.

Recently Reddit user JeffTrav posted to the subReddit "HumansBeingBros," a subReddit dedicated to such stories.

He titled his story:

"The opposite of r/ChoosingBeggars - my wife trying to sell her car."
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