Guilty. I'm guilty as sin. And I have no shame in admitting that. We've all behaved badly and have been caught unexpectedly while in the midst of our naughtiness. Life goes on, but the eyes of a witness can never unsee what they've seen. And those of us who are guilty of... whatever... can never wash away that feeling of humility.

When one is caught in a compromising sitch, one should just smile, nod and move along. Unless it's murder or something. That's a bigger fish to fry.

Redditor u/JakeGyllenHaalz wanted to who has the guts to fess up to all of us, by asking:

What's the worst thing you've been caught doing?
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When we fall in love it's a beautiful experience. We always become so swept up in the glory of it all we neglect to think about what it means to actually succumb to the heart's desires. Falling in love and deciding to pursue a relationship with another means you're placing implicit trust in another human. Because if you can't trust them or yourself, there is no point.

But too often we sully that trust. Yes people cheat. But not all people. And if you're going to be obsessed about it, stay single. Too many people have never strayed and they live under suspicion they don't deserve.... or do they?

Redditor u/Sparrowflyaway wanted to hear from y'all about why we should believe "it wasn't you" by asking.... Innocent people whose SO wrongly thought you were cheating on them, what's your story?
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Sometimes the universe just conspires against you. You do not deserve it, you lack the ability to avoid it, and yet circumstances align in the worst way possible.

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We've all done it, it's not a sin... at least I think it's not. We've all cheated on a test at least once in our lives. The only rule to cheating is... "if you're gonna do, do it right!" Cheating can actually be a skill. It requires deftness and precision. If you can't do it... just take the F. Don't become a shame story for the generations that follow.

Redditor u/molnarg1102 wanted teachers and students to let us know the best ways to NOT get caught while trying to pass, though one would think that would already be obvious but.... no. They asked... What's the best/worst attempt at cheating you've seen during a test?

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Home is a sanctuary. It is the place where we are all entitled to enter and all that ails us just fades away because the outside world is a dark place. And it's our haven, our time in our safe space that keeps us sane. However, this is too often not the case. Home can be a place of turmoil and grief. Sometimes what is on the other side of the front door can be daunting and a life changing experience.

Redditor u/Cyan26 wanted to know what unknowns were creeping behind closed doors by asking... What's the worse thing you've come home to?

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