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People Describe The Biggest A-Holes They've Ever Encountered Online
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Some people are just plain nasty, that is a sad fact. There is true evil in this world, and we see it on display every single day. It can often make one lose all hope in "humanity."

At my core, I try to believe that most of us have good hearts, that are connected to kind souls. But my beliefs are tested almost hourly.

One of the scariest things is trying to pinpoint whether or not most of these people are just callous and rude or, quite possibly, they simmering sociopaths, destined to be the villain in a Dateline NBC or podcast episode.

Let's compare notes.

RedditorSmokeAndCannonwanted to hear about the people we wish we could've avoided in person and online, by asking:

What's the biggest @sshole post you remember?
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People Share The One Thing Someone Said To Them That Broke Their Heart

Words hurt. That is a basic truth that so many people tend to overlook. What you say to someone may be the last thing they ever hear. Think about that. Think before you speak. It so easy to cause someone unnecessary pain. And it so far easier to just be kind. Pain and words are intertwined. That is why bad news delivery is so rough. You never forget it.

Redditor u/MysticaIMemes wanted to know who was willing to share the harshest sentiments flung at them by asking..... What did someone say that absolutely broke your heart?

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