People Describe The Worst Broadway Show They've Ever Seen
Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Everybody isn't going to like everything.

That's why putting up works on Broadway is such a gamble.

I understand everything can't be "Hamilton" or "Wicked," and those shows have detractors as well...

But Broadway is still the best.

Redditor Micahxfranco wanted to compare notes on some of the worst stories ever to hit a Broadway stage. They asked:

"What is the worst Broadway show you’ve ever seen? I just saw Diana the Musical and now I want to know if there’s anything worse or equally as bad as that crap show."
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The NYC Blackout Forced Broadway Shows To Cancel—So The Performers Took It To The Streets Instead

@NewYorkManner/Twitter, @misskimizzo//Twitter, @NineDaves/Twitter, @lemonfuzz/Twitter

On Saturday, a good portion of Manhattan experienced a blackout at 6:47 p.m., with affected areas including "West 72nd Street on the north, West 30th Street on the south, the Hudson River on the west and 5th Avenue on the east," according to Con Edison.

Power was restored by midnight and Con Ed is still investing the cause of a transformer explosion that scared many tourists and New Yorkers.

Commuters were stuck underground in the darkness on subways and drivers above ground were left to their own devices with blinking traffic lights and scrambling pedestrians.

And although the lights were out in Times Square, with most shows being forced to cancel performances, Broadway did not exactly go dark.

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Why Ali Stroker's Tony Win Was Both A Huge Win For The Disabled Community And An Utter Failure
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Ali Stroker's win for her role as Ado Annie in Oklahoma! at the 73rd annual Tony Awards was definitely a moment in history.

Stroker is the first actress who uses a wheelchair to win a Tony Award.

However, a major logistical snag in how she accepted her award puts the Tonys just left of breaking down the correct barriers.

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Olay Just Created An Honest To God Musical About Skincare Starring Ana Gasteyer
Olay North America/YouTube

It's time for a night at the theater.

You've bought your tickets, now grab your Playbill and head down to Broadway and catch the show.

Oh, did we say Playbill?

We meant Olaybill.

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Ben Platt Explains How The Reaction To His Coming Out Has Been So Encouraging, And We Couldn't Agree More

Coming out as a member of the LGBT+ community can go badly all too often. It can lead to relationship tension with friends and family, as well as potential harassment from others.

Sometimes, though, it goes remarkably well. Stories like Ben Platt's reassure people that it is possible to live as their authentic selves.

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