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With so many options for nearly every product on the market, people have exactly zero patience whatsoever when a brand disrespects their time or money.

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In a time where money talks more than anything else, the consumer's dollar holds a lot of power.

Withholding that dollar from unethical brands makes a big statement, not just about the brand, but about the buyer. What capitalistic nonsense do they refuse to engage in?

And also, if they continue spending their money there, such as Chik-Fil-A, what kind of atrocities are they committed to engaging in?

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Capitalism means that brands compete for consumers. One negative experience at a brand by one human can lose that brand hundreds of customers. If it gets bad enough, that brand could even go out of business.

Brands can also be political, especially in 2019. Nike standing with Colin Kaepernick both gained and lost it a substantial amount of customers. Choosing a brand makes a statement.

What statement will you make?

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