bottle cap challenge

@justinbieber/Instagram; Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is at it again.

Despite seemingly backing down in his initial challenge of an MMA fight with Tom Cruise, the star has once again called out Tom Cruise for a fight.

Can anyone tell me what Tom Cruise did to Bieber? Anyone?

I'm at a loss here.

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@MariaCarey/Twitter, @slmxny/Twitter

Mariah Carey's got us feeling emotions deeper than we've ever dreamed of, thanks to a diva move.

The 49-year-old pop legend tried her hand (or pipes) at the "Bottle Cap Challenge," the ridiculous viral challenge in which participants deliver a round-house kick to pop the cap off of a bottle.

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@jasonstatham/Instagram; @johnmayer/Instagram

First things first:l

what is the "Bottle Cap Challenge?"

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