Just because it's a classic doesn't mean it's always the best choice.

Most of us were forced to read some classic literature in school. Most of us can also probably recall falling asleep while reading one of these books late into the night. Not every book resonates with every person, therefore--not every classic book will either.

What was the book you put down and never picked back up again?

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A Missouri woman's day was made when she found a heartwarming note and a $5 bill slipped into a book she bought, now she is passing that good will on to others.

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If you know someone hasn't seen a movie or read a book, but they want to, don't spoil it. It's tough urge to beat, sure. But your friend will definitely hold it against you. Oh, and turn off your phones in a movie theater.

sluna-l asked: What's the worst spoiler someone has ever done to you?

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