Image by Lorraine Cormier from Pixabay

People who work in forensics and conduct autopsies for a living inhabit a facet of life most of us would prefer to keep out of mind most days.

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Image by Erez Erlichman from Pixabay

Babysitting is a common occurrence that has been around for just about forever. But if we unpack it, it's actually a pretty strange concept.

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Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Many people found high school history class exceptionally boring. There was so much reading, the years-old scuffles and cultural trends seemed far away in time as well as geography.

Add a boring teaching into the mix--if you were so unlucky--and you can forget it. That whole class period was a snooze fest.

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Image by LukasBasel from Pixabay

It's so helpful to have an interesting personal fact in your arsenal.

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People treat their homes as their sanctuaries - so having a job that takes you into peoples homes gives you a glimpse into things that the rest of the world may not get to see.

Sometimes you kind of wish you didn't either.

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