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A 19-year-old young man has found himself bystander to a new friendship spawned from motivations that he concludes are problematic.

What tipped him off?

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You know how when you hear the same thing over and over again, it kind of makes you want to kick someone in the shin? Yeah ... this article is totally about that.

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When you stop trying to put people in boxes and let them identify themselves, it's amazing what can happen.

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Both Marvel and DC are looking to up their game by including LGBTQ+ superheroes into their cinematic universes.

DC may introduce that character into their canon as early as this coming Friday with the release of Shazam!

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Angela Bax/Getty Images/@AndrewJRitchie/Twitter

In the last year or so, lemon bars have come to be associated with the bisexual community.

Many people are a bit confused about the origin of the association.

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