biggest scams

People Explain Which Things They Believe Are A Giant Scam
Pickawood on Unsplash

We can all fall prey to a snake oil salesperson.

Even if that sale is made by a digital seller.

Heck, that's how most scams are run these days.

People are out to fleece you. So... one must be prepared.

What's unfortunate is that too robberies are legal and sanctioned.

Why are certain necessities so expensive?

How can we avoid it?

Let's discuss...

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We are a smart people... aren't we? Actually, don't answer that. Many of us are smart, or at least do a reasonable job of pretending to be. So why is it so many people can still be bamboozled by the obvious? Like a brilliant lawyer who looks for love online and sends their paramour 10Gs to get to there location without a phone call. These things happen still. And can happen to any of us, because, we all have some small, gullible part of us willing to be innocent. Don't be ashamed, tis life.

Redditor u/CountButtcrackula wanted to know what scams that are out there we need to be ready for by asking.... What's the biggest scam in history that people fall for?
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