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Trust is hard. At a certain age it becomes near impossible to give it or to "trust" it. Not to be macabre but honestly, life breaks us and can destroy our ability to believe in the goodness of others.

It's unfortunate that so many people are willing to treat others like trash. That kind of behavior leaves scars and that kind of pain never really goes away. Mistrust manifests in ways that can hinder life.

I try my best to believe in everyone but after the things I've seen, that sounds naive. And then that belief makes me depressed. I don't want to believe the worst, it's just that I, and many of us, have been subjected to so much of it.

Redditor u/Billabongo12 wanted to see who would discuss their emotional scars by asking:

What is the story behind your trust issues?
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Lies and secrets, secrets and lies. They always find a way to trickle out. Why we think we can make a big problem go by covering it up is beyond me. Nine times out of ten, the reason the drama is so fraught is because of the cover-up. If we would just attend to issues when they arise with logic, we'd all be a lot better off. But we're humans, we learn nothing.

Redditor u/Inflatabledartboard4 wanted to see who was willing to openly discuss about the times the "plan"... went completely off the rails by asking... What is the best example of a major cover-up backfiring?
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Betrayal hurts. It hurts bad.

Especially when we love and trust the person who has betrayed us. That loss of trust really feels like you have to question everything from then on out. It feels like you might live the rest of your life without your best friend.

But maybe that's for the best.

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