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Small Slights That Made People Feel Majorly Betrayed By Their Significant Other

Reddit user _Halboro_ asked: 'What was something fairly small that made you feel betrayed by your SO?'

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When you're in a relationship, the things your significant other—or sig-O—does hit different.

Teasing remarks you'd laugh off from friends can feel like a knife in the heart when your romantic partner says it.

Minor slights can easily become major issues in your relationship if you feel vulnerable.

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The Real Reason People Left Their Ex

Reddit user Kenybrown asked: 'What’s the reason you left your ex?'

Ending a relationship is never easy.

In several cases, the reasons for doing so might also be unexpected.

More often than not, it simply becomes apparent to both members of the couple that the relationship has simply run its course, and there is no future.

Other times, however, there might be an inciting incident that made staying in the relationship no longer tenable.

Possibly a surprising act by one member of the couple, or a longstanding secret that was finally unearthed.

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I've always let go of people too late.

Because I ignore the warning signs.

Half of the time I can sense something off and I choose to get closer because... "that'll fix the problem."

Not all friendships are meant to last forever.

That can be a difficult truth to hold.

People grow apart or become evil.

You just have to pray they don't come back with blackmail.

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Affairs and infidelity are sadly a more common part of life than we care to admit.

People cheat. it seems to be part of the human condition.

Are we meant to be monogamous?

That's a story for a different article.

I say though, if you're going to cheat... have some basic human decency.

Don't cheat with people you all know.

And how are BFFs not automatically off limits?

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People Share The Most Painful Moment Of Their Lives
engin akyurt on Unsplash

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Life can never prepare us for the curveballs hurled our way. If we survive the challenges, it's time to count our blessings.

Some of the most horrific experiences are physical. People deal with horrific diseases and are reliant on various pain medications to stay sane.
Certain medical procedures patients endure can also be tough to endure.
Others experience emotional suffering that can be too much to bear in life.
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