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There are always turning points.

Before and after is a serious part of life.

We change in these moments.

From one phase to the next.

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People Share The Most Random Things They Miss About Life Before The Pandemic
Photo by Noah on Unsplash

So apparently we are in the endemic phase of this nonsense.

We have light at the end of the tunnel.

So what now?

Where do we go from here?

Normal seems like an outdated word.

How do we get back to normal though?

Is it even possible?

What are reaching back to?

Life pre-Covid.

Those were the days.

If only we could bring them back.

Redditorhetravelingsong wanted to discuss our new normal in this hopeful "endemic" phase. So they asked:

"What’s something random you miss about pre-COVID times?"
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People Who Were Friends With Someone Who Became A Murderer Describe What They Were Like Beforehand
Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

Every one of us harbors evil and malicious intent. It is completely normal to have dark thoughts. The difference between the everyday person and a psycho is intent and lacking empathy. It's frightening to realize that someone you may have spent a significant amount of time with could take a life with cruelty, but it happens more often than we want to realize.

When I was 18 I used to play in a weekly game of pool, I was awful, still am. My friends would sneak me into this bar/club in Ft. Lauderdale that was 21 and up. We met an enormous amount of fascinating people.

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Celebrities are just people. They are like any other person. We seem to forget that fact that, that they have actual lives... before and after the fame sets in. The famous have friends and loved ones and had menial jobs to start with just like the rest of us. But we can't help but be fascinated by their existence. Stories about the stars pre-fame are always interesting. And there are plenty of civilians out there with a tale.

Redditor u/RogueWolf300 wanted to see who is willing to spill some tea, good or bad about the people they knew before fame set upon them by asking...
People of Reddit who knew celebrities before they were famous, how different do they act now?
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People Who Have Had A 'Glow Up' Explain How People Treat Them Differently

A little change in life can go along way. When people notice a new hairdo or a change in style or that slight drop in weight.... it can put quite a pep in one's step. Giving yourself a 'glow-up' (as the kids say) can give you a new perspective to brighten the day. Self confidence is key and however we get it doesn't matter.

Redditor u/lildinger68 wanted to know how the effects of everyone's 'glow-up' and wander if we should all fall in by asking.... For people who had a "glow up" at some point in their life, how did you notice people treating you differently and how did you react?

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