Oh the things we’ll do to ourselves in the hunt to be perfect. We spend a lifetime never loving ourselves as we are. Why? It can cause many a distressing situation. And it can lead to strife with those that love us. Case in point… Redditor CharacterAd1011 wanted to discuss their story for some feedback. […] More
As much as we all like to think of families being these strong, cohesive, loving units, it’s true that some families just don’t get along. Sometimes narcissism and bullying are so prevalent, that they might as well be an embodied family member, admitted the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Longjumping-Ad4905 was fed up […] More

The world is a beautiful place. From natural scenery like the Himalayan Mountains in Asia to the appearance of the Aurora Borealis at various times, awe-inspiring sights are never too hard to find.

Every country can boast a few different areas of jaw-dropping beauty. Some offer more gorgeous scenery than others. It makes us wonder, what makes one country more beautiful than another?

Is it the variety and sheer number of beautiful sights or is it the magnificence of one area? And what is the prettiest country in the world?

Curious to find out, Redditor Dream4Cats asked:

"In your opinion, whats the prettiest country?"
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