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We should all be able to agree that parenting is no easy task, and since each child is different, parenting to every person should look slightly different, too. But that doesn’t mean the parenting style shouldn’t be consistent, urged the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Easy_School_9737 was unsure what to do when his pregnant […] More
People Debate The Biggest A**holes In All Of History
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History is littered with the dregs of humanity. Taking a course in English Lit and World or American History can be a reason for anyone to drink. Then you come home and watch an episode of "Dateline NBC" or CNN or FOX and realize.... our current history isn't producing the best of the best either. Simply put, there are not nice people out there. They've always been there. And we should shame them. But then learn from them what not to do.... after the shaming.

Redditor u/GyapaetusWeed wanted everyone to compare notes and divulge who is the worst of the worst by asking.... Who's the biggest asshole in History?

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Admitting that you're wrong can be a really tough thing for some people. No one likes to admit that they're the bad guy- we're all the heroes in our own story, after all. Though once that realization clicks, there's no going back.

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