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People Explain Which Fast Food Restaurants They Refuse To Eat At

Reddit user Feisty_Affect_7487 asked: 'What is one fast food restaurant you will never go to?'

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Fast food is a staple in most households. While not the healthiest option our there, the food is always good, and it's a great option when you need something fast or in a pinch.

There are dozens of fast food places out there, and everyone has a favorite. My brother and I go to Wendy's once a week, and while we'll eat at other places when we have to, we don't like any place better than Wendy's.

With everyone having a favorite fast good restaurant, everyone also has a least favorite. Redditors are sharing which fast food restaurants they hate so much, they refuse to eat at them.

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Ambrosia salad

Try as I might, I will never understand how some people enjoy Sloppy Joes.

They're nasty and goopy and taste horrible. It is a minced meat mess—which is a shame because minced meat can be wonderful—and that red sauce takes it to a different infernal level.

I grew up eating these in the school cafeteria. I quickly tired of them and would not touch them. Just the sight of them is discomforting.

Oh, and you haven't even gotten me started on the topic of Ambrosia salad!

I'm American and I have strong opinions, so you can imagine what some non-Americans might think about American cuisine.

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People Reveal Which Food They Absolutely Refuse To Eat

Even if you're a diehard foodie there has to be a menu of options that sours the palette. Some foods, no matter how rare or delectable they are known for being just don't suit the intestines of everyone. Sometimes food reactions are linked to past experiences which renders them inedible due to triggers. And sometimes, some food, is just straight up gross!

Redditor u/Yahya_2000 wanted to see what foods are a permanent no for people's tummies by asking.... What food do you refuse to eat?

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We've all been there. We've all done it. We've all consumed some food that nearly turned our insides out for the sake of being polite. It's an ultimate grand gesture because we all know that somewhere along the way we've all put together a meal that wasn't quite the most "edible." But darn we worked hard on it and everyone just pretended to like it and then fought for the restroom like that scene in "Bridesmaids!" It's always a good idea to carry a baggie to meals you didn't see prepared.

Redditor u/Peach-e-Keen wanted us all to discuss some of the gross we've suffered to spare feelings by asking... What's the worst thing you've eaten out of politeness?

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