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People Confess The Most Soul-Crushing Thing Someone's Ever Said To Them
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It's a fact of life that people can be brutal. Whether it's because a person is downright cruel or because he or she is drunk or angry, they can say some awful things.

My Indian aunt once mistakenly thought a cousin of mine was my daughter and told me American teenagers were trashy and stupid. I don't talk to that aunt anymore...

There is never an excuse to be that cruel, but that doesn't stop people from behaving that way.

Curious about this, Redditor Brilliant-End9428 asked:

"What is the most f*cked up thing someone said to you?"
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You would think in this age of modern society and seemingly faster-than-light information sharing, we'd see the reaped rewards of sharing positive information with one another. Tales of a better world, filled with people doing their best to help one another.

Then you read stories like these and it's hard not to think we're all maybe a little deserving of it.

That's obviously not the right line of thinking, and you should always do what you can to help someone out once a day, but wow. Some people suck.

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

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Hosts Describe The Worst Examples Of A Guest Making Themselves At Home
Dillon Shook on Unsplash

You do the good-natured thing of letting someone into your home.

You allow them to eat your food, share your living space, and bathe using your water. And what do they do in return?

Stuff like the people in these stories did.

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People Divulge The Worst Thing They've Heard Someone Say About The Deceased At Their Funeral
Image by yabadene belkacem from Pixabay

I've often thought that I may one day fake my death, just to see who would show up at my funeral, and just to see what they would say.

We all know that the true tea is spilled after one has stopped breathing. So many of us play a good game of nice when we're all in corporeal form, but once that heart ceases to beat, honey those knives are coming out.

I have been to funerals that could rival episodes of 'Dynasty.' The things we say at a funeral can only possibly be topped by truths we tell at a wedding. And it's all a mess.

Redditor u/harumin24 wanted to hear about the tea that is spilled when saying farewell to the dead by asking:

What's the worst thing you've heard someone say about the deceased at their funeral?
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People Debate The Biggest A**holes In All Of History
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

History is littered with the dregs of humanity. Taking a course in English Lit and World or American History can be a reason for anyone to drink. Then you come home and watch an episode of "Dateline NBC" or CNN or FOX and realize.... our current history isn't producing the best of the best either. Simply put, there are not nice people out there. They've always been there. And we should shame them. But then learn from them what not to do.... after the shaming.

Redditor u/GyapaetusWeed wanted everyone to compare notes and divulge who is the worst of the worst by asking.... Who's the biggest asshole in History?

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