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When I'm writing a new script and I come across characters who are destined to be enemies it's aways fun to concoct scorching insults to sling. And right away what you learn from your dramaturge is that less is more. You can eliminate twenty words and infuse them into a ferocious look that leaves the audience heaving. So you realize it's actually quite easy to keep it clean and classy by leaving foul words--though they often send the point home--out first. Hidden meanings in plain sight that leave people in tears are the best.

Redditor u/AvPlayz wanted everyone to share some witty repartee that doesn't require scandalous words by asking..... What is your best insult without swearing?

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Some folks just will not allow themselves to be wrong.

People are willing to go to extremes to be right. Sometimes, those things are embarrassing, but sometimes, those things are absolutely 100% justified.

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It's hard to believe that certain things still continue to be argued, even if they have already been debunked a million times over. But some people just like to stick to their guns when it comes to their beliefs, even if they may not entirely make sense. Here are some of Reddit's dumbest arguments.

u/Vectorman_Ballz asked: What is a stupid argument that people STILL keep using?

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Now that is an argument that will never get old. It gets beyond tiresome when everyone keeps bringing up the same old talking points time and time again. Have we not grown past the standards? Are we not more creative to use a better angle? When did "I told you so ever win you the pot of gold?" In the end.... silence can always be option.

Redditor u/timmflip12 have had more than enough with a few conversations, so they wondered if anyone else felt the same by asking.... What's an argument you're tired of hearing?

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