Planning a wedding can take a lot of time. So much of life gets put into limbo and on hold. People’s lives are going to change on the lead up to the “I Do’s.” And some changes can stir drama. Case in point… Redditor peoplepleasingthefam wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So […] More

Arguments are a part of life. As humans, we argue with everyone: the people we love, the people we hate, and the people we have no real opinion about.

Sometimes these arguments are frivolous. My brother and I often fight about which DC superhero is the best (Batman, of course).

Other times, the arguments are more serious, like when my parents fought about what kind of punishment would be better for me learning my lesson about lying.

Arguments, although a part of life, are rarely ever productive, especially when the person you're arguing with is hard to get through to no matter what.

Redditors have a lot of experiencing arguing with those kind of people, and shared their experiences.

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Airplane travel has become an essential part of life. Most of the population uses that mode of transport frequently. So is there an age limit on how young is too young to join the friendly skies? Are parents right to let kids fly free? Definitely a question couples should be on the same page about. […] More
People Divulge The Most Badass Thing They've Ever Said In The Heat Of The Moment
Photo by Sushil Nash on Unsplash

There is nothing better than ending a conversation with an exclamation point or a mic drop.

It's especially gratifying when you're in a heated moment.

You always want to say the best thing to get your point across and you want the last word.

Those are the moments you wish were being recorded.

They come far and few.

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Weddings and pregnancies can be highly stressful times. Weddings and pregnancies at the exact same time… can be a powder keg of emotion. In both instances people rely heavily on their loved ones. But what if it’s your “loved ones” making everything harder. Case in point… Redditor annoyingsinglefriend wanted to discuss her experience and get […] More