Everyone has their own relationship with alchohol. Some people want nothing more than a good, stiff drink when the clock strikes five, and having learned how to drink responsibly, have no trouble enjoying a beer, cocktail or glass of wine every now and then. Others however never touch alcoholic drinks, owing to an unfortunate personal […] More
Be it over how fast they drive, what they eat, or the activities in which they partake, some people are far more cautious than others. Everyone has their own comfort level, which no one should be pressured into adjusting. But sometimes hearing people express how cautious—or overly cautious—they are being, no matter the reason, can […] More
When you’re a parent, you need a break now and again. No, you deserve a break. But just like anything else you should ask first before you just drop your kids and make them someone else’s responsibility. It takes a village to raise kids, but you really should let the village know they’re help is […] More
Getting blind drunk and stuck out and about is never fun. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have someone who cares to come get you. Until it’s not. Maybe not everyone needs saving. Case in point… Redditor qantalatal wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the […] More
People Share The Best First Dates That Don't Involve Alcohol

Going on a first date is nerve-wracking. We've all been there.

Establishing interest in another person on dating apps is easy, and not being fully aware of a potential love interest's nuances and idiosyncratic behavior can be mysteriously sexy.

But when two people into each other are ready for the next step by meeting in person, nerves can make you do and say awkward things that can ruin the person's perception of you.

To take the edge off a little, meeting at a bar or restaurant and starting the romantic evening off with a glass of wine is an ideal option for a first date.But not everyone has the luxury, or option, of being able to leisurely imbibe alcohol any time they want to.

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