airport security

Why do we try to be sketchy when it comes to what we plan to travel with? The things we assume we can get away with in a post-9/11 world is astonishing. Being an airport security person has got to often be hilarious. You rummage through someone'e private bits as part of your job, it's suppose to be routine and then the next thing you know.... scandal honey! There are just somethings better left as a carry-on.

Redditor u/xyvulkin wanted all the airport people to tell us some secrets by asking.... Airport Security Workers of Reddit, what's the weirdest but still legal thing you found in someone's bag?
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It's wild what people think they can bring on planes.

You're thinking it will just be a normal airport security moment, and then all of a sudden, security is unpacking an entire kitchen from somebody's carry-on luggage. But that's if you're lucky. You never know what else you might find, in earnest.

Security have seen it all. Nothing can really surprise them anymore. But maybe, once in awhile, they will be surprised. And then you shall be afraid. Very afraid.

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