It’s an unfortunate truth that some people continue to not be supportive of the disabled community. But some are so anti-disabled people, or ableist, they will literally demand a refund for being “exposed” to a disabled person. Jade, or @thisworldcanbeaccessible on TikTok, shared her experience with two allegedly ableist people when she opened up her […] More
We’ve all been through an unfortunate situation where we’ve rented an AirBnB or hotel and were surprised to see the final bill because of the unexpected fees. It can be enough at times to ruin the entire trip, cringed the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor experiment525 was furious when they arrived at their AirBnB […] More
Airbnbs are now just as commonplace as hotels. They are like UBER to yellow taxi cabs. But things can get tricky with Airbnbs. There are often a lot of rules including surprise rules. So it’s always best to be on top of every aspect before and when you arrive. As a renter it’s also important […] More
People Share Their Creepiest Airbnb Stories

Staying in someone else's house can be a bit unsettling in any situation, but Airbnb rentals are often more so because of the fact that you don't know the owner.

Sometimes that feeling of being unsettled can quickly become being creeped all the way out when something particularly off happens. Whether it's discovering that the owner is actually kind of creepy, or never even interacting with them at all because they send someone else to deal with you, things can go downhill fast.

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Journalist Somehow Loses His Pants While Completely Sober—Then Makes A Startling And Hilarious Discovery

We've all had a great "I was so drunk I (blank)" story. Sometimes you perform a dangerous stunt. Sometimes your pants come off. It's all in good fun.

Of course, sometimes you're Daniel Dale, correspondent for the Toronto Star, and you lose your pants while completely sober.

That's not a euphemism; he literally lost his jeans and had no idea where they were.

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