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Staying in someone else's house can be a bit unsettling in any situation, but Airbnb rentals are often more so because of the fact that you don't know the owner.

Sometimes that feeling of being unsettled can quickly become being creeped all the way out when something particularly off happens. Whether it's discovering that the owner is actually kind of creepy, or never even interacting with them at all because they send someone else to deal with you, things can go downhill fast.

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Journalist Somehow Loses His Pants While Completely Sober—Then Makes A Startling And Hilarious Discovery

We've all had a great "I was so drunk I (blank)" story. Sometimes you perform a dangerous stunt. Sometimes your pants come off. It's all in good fun.

Of course, sometimes you're Daniel Dale, correspondent for the Toronto Star, and you lose your pants while completely sober.

That's not a euphemism; he literally lost his jeans and had no idea where they were.

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Most of us have stayed in a vacation rental of some sort, but how many of us can say we run one? For most of us, the sorts of stories hosts must have never really occur to us... til now.

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Someone Turned A Giant Idaho Potato Into An AirBnB—And The Inside Is Actually Pretty Stylish

A few years ago, the Idaho Potato Commission (yup, that's totally a real thing) created a giant model of an Idaho potato. The enormous spud toured the country on the back of a flat-bed truck for six years on "The Famous Idaho Potato Tour" with the purpose of drumming up potato sales.

We didn't know they had declined, but we guess things are okay now because the giant spud was retired in 2018. A new potato mascot would take over, but that still left a major problem.

The Potato Commission had literally no idea what to do with the six-ton spud they had just sitting around. This thing was massive; almost 30 feet long, 12 feet wide, and about 12 feet tall. Would they just put it out to pasture and let it rot?

Enter potato-savior Kristie Wolfe.

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