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Airport Security Workers Share The Weirdest Things They've Ever Found In Someone's Luggage
Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash

Why do we try to be sketchy when it comes to what we plan to travel with? The things we assume we can get away with in a post-9/11 world is astonishing. Being an airport security person has got to often be hilarious. You rummage through someone'e private bits as part of your job, it's suppose to be routine and then the next thing you know.... scandal honey! There are just somethings better left as a carry-on.

Redditor u/xyvulkin wanted all the airport people to tell us some secrets by asking....
Airport Security Workers of Reddit, what's the weirdest but still legal thing you found in someone's bag?
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Man Falls Asleep On Plane, And Awkwardly Wakes Up With His Head On The Teen Girl Next To Him–And Her Dad Was Having None Of It
Meinzahn via Getty Images

As far as rude awakenings go, a recent Reddit post is a total bombshell.

The post has all the elements of a well-told tale: it occurs 30,000 feet in the air, there's an angry dad, and even some drool.

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Airplane Passenger Revolts The Internet After Being Caught On Camera Drying Their Shoes Using Plane's Vents

At this point, airline travel – particularly in coach – is about on par with a root canal. Without anesthesia. Performed by a terrifying clown. In short, it's torture.

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