One of the hardest things in the world is being able to afford life's necessities. We all work and make money (or have parents that do), but having money and being able to afford what you need are two different things.

I'm not just talking about the latest gadgets, either.

Not having a fancy knife set or the newest Apple Watch won't destroy your life.

I'm talking about the things so vital to our survival that they should be cheap, but are actually near impossible to afford.

Redditors know this to be true and are ready to share what some of those vital things are.

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Woman comfortably sleeping with diffuser and essential oils
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We all need a helping hand or a little boost every once in a while, and fortunately, we can buy ourselves some game-changers for pretty affordable prices.

But we might still be surprised at just how much money we can save on something that will make our lives better.

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People Share The Most Life-Changing Items They've Ever Gotten For Under $100
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Money isn't everything. That is one of my favorite Cyndi Lauper songs. And it epitomizes so much.

Yes, money does make the world go round and it is a vital and necessary part of life, but you don't need to hoard tons of it like Scrooge McDuck to make a few essential purchases that will make life a little more fulfilling.

Sometimes the most simple item can change everything. You never know when a late night infomercial is selling you the goods.

Redditoru/MiracleRianwanted to hear about some of the best treasures out there, that are affordable, by asking:

What life changing item can you buy for under 100$?
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