If you've never seen the comedy classic, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," there is a scene where Arthur, King of the Britons, encounters a black knight guarding a bridge. Arthur quickly figures out the stalwart knight will not let him pass, so the two do battle, with the king severely injuring his enemy in the process.

He cuts off all his arms and legs.

Yet the black knight persists, insisting his injuries are, "but a scratch."

Turns out this happens to people in real life, not so much with swords and knights, but with can openers and ice skates.

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Medical mishap stories are like trainwrecks—you can't look away, or not read up.

Something about trauma and drama is too fascinating to let pass by.

We just have to hear more, even if it makes us queazy and then faint.

One of the worst body pain topics—at least for people who have one—involves the destruction of the penis. Even thinking about violent pain "down there" can cause tears.

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It can't be easy finding a dead body.

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