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911 Dispatchers Describe The Times They Actually Had To Contain Their Laughter On A Call

911 dispatchers have fast-paced and hectic jobs. Emergencies can pop up at any time, so the job can become very tense and stressful on very short notice. In many cases, the lives of the people on the other end of the line depend on the dispatcher's quick thinking and actions.

But there are also silly and pointless calls to break up that stress. Many of these are hilarious, even ridiculous, because people call 911 for the weirdest reasons.

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911 Operators Describe How They Handle Calls From Difficult People
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Karens... female and male.... 911 is for actual emergencies only! And there are some real emergencies happening all over the country right now! So don't commandeer the line. Everyone has gotten just a little too comfortable reaching out to the guys and gals in blue for any little thing. That action has led to a few too many dangerous situations for innocent people. 311 is non-emergency. Unless there is actual peril I think people who misuse 911 should be charged not just fined. Let's hear about a few examples of when NOT to call.

Redditor u/dormeowmeow wanted to hear from emergency dispatchers out there about their calls from some pesky people by asking.... 911 phone operators, what do you do when you receive phone calls from 'Karen' types?
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People! 911 is a very busy hotline. It is for emergencies only! In fact there is a law saying you cannot call for any superfluous reasons. This is not the time to be calling over every little thing that just makes you aggravated. The dispatchers have enough on their plate to deal with without our glorified prank calls. Now think before you dial. Are you bleeding? Then call 311 instead.

Redditor u/Parakeetman280 wanted to hear from the Emergency dispatch workers out there. We were hoping they'd share a tale or two about those on the other end of the line by asking.... 911 operators of reddit, what was your stupidest/most annoying call yet?
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911 Dispatchers Share The Dumbest Reasons They've Ever Seen People Call Them About
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People.... DON'T BE AN AMY COOPER!!! Stop calling the police for stupid reasons. Now this is a comical piece and there are several sidesplitting situations you will read about, but, be more responsible.

With that being said, the results can often be staggering in hilarity with idiocy is ringing.

Redditor u/GenjiKat wanted to know what 911 dispatchers have to deal with on the regular that make them want to pull their hair out by asking.... 911/999 dispatch, what's the dumbest reason someone has called?

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