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Living in a family where people communicate differently can already be a difficult endeavor. It’s another situation altogether when part of the family refuses to change. Redditor oohehheeyeoh is having an issue getting her sister’s family and her daughter to communicate. While the original poster (OP)’s daughter is deaf, her sister and her family refuse […] More
It’s surprising having to adjust to a dramatic change in life. Sometimes it might be easier to just not do it at all. That’s what it seems Redditor Terrible_Diner6795 has decided after her husband’s step-daughter reappeared in their lives. Since she’s hard of hearing, the original poster’s (OP) husband thinks they should learn sign language. […] More
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I am in awe of the hearing impaired. They don't allow anything to stop them. They live their lives to fullest in complete silence. We have a lot to learn from them.

I know I hear myself differently from how my voice actually sounds. So what do they hear? Is it even explainable? Let's ask...

Redditor u/Turmixolt-teveszar wanted to hear from the deaf community about the language in their minds by asking... People who born deaf. How's your inner voice sound, or you just speak sign langue in your head?
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Hand gestures are a big part of verbal speaking.

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The world is already hard enough to comprehend when you're drunk. Have you ever tried using a door intoxicated? It's like you'd need to be some sort of wizard-level locksmith to get it open. Now, imagine handling all of your communicative needs with your hands. Yeah, that'd be just a tad rougher.

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