girl power

People Debate Which Fictional Female Character Is The Biggest Bada$$
Gabriel Braga/Unsplash

Traditionally, females in fiction tend to be portrayed as secondary characters, side-kicks, plot devices, and prop pieces. On the occasions that they're allowed a moment in the spotlight, it's often in service of literally anything and anyone but herself and her own character development.

But sometimes...

Sometimes we get a female character that is unapologetic in her strength, her growth, her mission, her development—her badassery.

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People Highlight The Overlooked Women Who Made Major Contributions To History
Pexels / Pixabay

We all learned history in school, but how much "herstory" do we know?

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Jennifer Garner Shared An Incredible Video Of A Pregnant Ballerina To Demonstrate That #WomenAreWonders
JB Lacroix/WireImage, @maiamakhateli (Instagram)

Women are truly wonders, and actress Jennifer Garner wanted to remind all of us of that fact with a stunning video of a pregnant ballerina.

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